The "Truth is Out There" Page.

"Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid!"


The human head weights eight and a half pounds.

For you "Yada, yada, yada" Users:
     The Hebrew word Yada in the Bible is translated
       as "relations" or "sexual intercourse"

Highest Point Above Sea Level:  Summit of Mount Everest
                                 29,028 feet above sea level
Tallest Mountain on the Earth:  Mauna Kea, Hawaii
                                 33,476 from base on sea floor
Greatest Distance from the
          Center of the Earth:  Summit of Mount Chimborazo
                                   in Equador
                                 20,561 feet above sea level
                                  7,057 feet further from the
                                        center than Everest

    Alcohol Content:  Bud               5.0 percent
                      Bud Light         4.2 percent
                         Soon to be here--
                      Catalina Blonde   2.5 percent

Richard Gere's Production Company:  Nervous Gerbil Productions