The World of Friends of R. J. Lavery

Is This Heaven? It's Iowa.

Phil Appleton = "The Brave Pilot"
Presently employed as a Associate Research Scientist
at the Spitzer Science Center.

George Kopidakis

Costantine Stassis = "The REAL Professor"

Joni J. Johnson. (aka Triple-J)
Presently living and working at New Mexico State University.
She is married to Dr. Tom Harrison.

Amy C. O'Brien.
Oh, yeah. She is married to M. Sean O'Brien.

J. Patrick Henry.
Former thesis advisor and yet we still talk.
(Current student Chris Mullis at his left)

Emanuel Vassiliadis.
Better Known as Nebula Lad! (That's ME on the left).

Mike Tripicco,

A Wish List of `Friends'

Under Construction