Some Ast100 Exam #3 Sample Questions

  1. When comparing two photons, the photon with the LOWER ENERGY has

  2. Which of the following sequences has the various colors of optical light in an order of LOWEST ENERGY to HIGHEST ENERGY?

  3. A LIGHT-YEAR and the PARSEC are units for measuring

  4. The region of the INTERIOR of the Sun where energy is produced is the

  5. To test the model of the Sun, astronomers and physicists try to detect

  6. Both the number of sunspots and the orientation of the Sun's magnetic field go through periodic cycles. The last MAXIMUM of the number of sunspots occurred in 2001. The NEXT MAXIMUM should take place in

  7. When a LOW-PRESSURE GAS is heated and appears to be glowing, what type of spectrum is being emitted by that gas?

  8. A body with a temperature of 2000 K emits most of its energy at a wavelength of 1.5 microns. If this body is heated to 6000 K, at what wavelength would most of the energy be emitted?

  9. The shift in the apparent direction of a star as a result of the Earth revolving around the Sun is called

  10. Stars known as SUPERGIANTS are called supergiants because

  11. Which sequence of surface temperatures is correct for this sequence of spectral classes:
    A-star : M-star : B-star : F-star ?