Sample Questions -- Exam #2

  1. Which of the following did Galileo use to support the heliocentric model of the Solar system?

  2. The asteroid Ceres has an Orbital Distance from the Sun of about 3 AU (astronomical units). How does the Orbital Period of Ceres compare to the Orbital Period of the Earth?

  3. The best scientific determination of the age of the Earth is based on the ages of certain types of meteorites. The age of these meteorites and therefore the age of the Earth is

  4. Which of these is the correct order of the planets with increasing distance from the Sun?

  5. What are the two main gases that make up the atmosphere of the Earth?

  6. A substance known as Lavery-140 is radioactive with a HALF-LIFE of 1 YEAR. If you started with 800 atoms of Lavery-140, how many atoms would you have after 3 YEARS?

  7. The Sun is located at one focus of the orbit of the planet. What is located at the other focus?

  8. Mercury is believed to have the oldest surface of the terrestrial planets. Why?

  9. The internal structure of the Earth is divided into different regions based on the COMPOSITION or the RIGIDITY of the region. The region that consists of high density volcanic rock material is known as the

  10. Which of these moons is in a retrograde orbit around its planet?

  11. In Keplerís Third Law of Planetary Motion, what does the letter "a" represent?

  12. Which of these statements best decribes the surface of Jupiter's moon Io?