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                                      Contemporary Social Problems

       MW 9:00 AM to 10:20 AM                                                               Room # 208

                                                              Pro. Gary Rodgers                                                                                                                                                                    

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bulletMental Health Issues
bullet ACLU Issues
bullet Social Inequity
bullet UN Population
bullet Nat. Inst. of Health
bullet Aids Education
bullet World Health Organ.
bullet FBI/Crime Report
bullet Death Penalty Issues
bullet Society & Sexuality
bullet NOW
bullet Race & Ethnicity
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Chapter One Notes

bullet Chapter Three Notes


                                                       Syllabus for Sociology 2

Course Description:

This course deals with contemporary social problems and will cover those areas that are currently being defined by our society as problem issues.  Emphasis will be given to understanding these problems on the societal level, the group level, and from the standpoint of the individual.

Course Objectives:

1.    You as a student will be able to define a social problem and be familiar with the key components of the definition.

2.    You will be able to analyze the extent of mental illness in America and the nature of mental illness as a social problem.

3.    You will be able to describe the extent of poverty in American society and identify the relationship between poverty and social class.

Required Textbook:

Kornblum, William. Social Problems. Tenth Edition, New Jersey, Prentice Hall, 2001.

Evaluation Method:

Your grade in this  course is based on the accumulation of percentage points generated format the following:

1.    Quiz Average                                                     33%       (of total grade)

2.    Mid-Term Examination                                       33%       (of total grade)

3.    Final Examination                                                33%       (of total grade)

Grades will be based on the following percentages:

    90 - 100% - A

    80 - 89%   - B

    70 - 79%   - C

    60 - 69%   - D

    00 - 59%   - F

*Students should be advised that make-up test will not be given for missed chapter quizzes.  In determining a student's overall quiz average, the final examination grade will be used as the percentage score for each missed quiz.  This method will be used for a maximum of two missed chapter quizzes.  For each additional missed quiz, a zero, (percentage points), will be utilized in determining the quiz average.


The IVC General Catalog states:

    "Regular attendance is all glasses is expected of all students enrolled.  Instructors are expected to take a student's attendance record into account in computing grades.  A student may be excluded from further attendance in a class during and semester when absences after the close of registration have exceeded the number of class hours which the class meet per week."

This policy will be taken into consideration during the semester concerning a student's continued participation in the class.

Disabled Student Programs and Services:

Any student with a documented disability who may need educational accommodations should notify the instructor or the Disabled Student Programs and Services office as soon as possible.   DSP&S is located in room #2117, Health Services Building and can be reached by telephone at (760) 355-6312.

Tentative Assignment & Test Schedule:  (Subject to change)

1.    Ch. 1 - Sociological Perspectives                                 10.     Ch. 9 - Prejudice and Discrimination, Quiz

2.    Ch. 2 - Problems of Physical Health, Quiz                    11.     Ch.10- Sex Roles and Inequality

3.    Ch. 3 - Mental Illness, Quiz                                          12.     Ch.12- The Changing Family, Quiz

4.    Ch. 4 - Sex-Related Social Problems, Quiz                   13.     Ch.13- Problems of Education

5.    Ch. 5 - Alcohol and other Drugs                                   14.     Ch.15- Urban Problems, Quiz

6.    Ch. 6 - Crime and Criminals, Quiz                                15.     Ch.16- Population and Immigration, Quiz

7.    Ch. 7 - Violence                                                           16.     Ch.17- Technology and the Environment

8.    Ch. 8 - Poverty Amid Affluence                                    17.     Ch.18- War and Terrorism

9.    Mid-Term Examination                                                 18.     Final Examination













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