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       The Travel Crew

Dental - Vision Mission

This photo was taken while working with the Jamanawa Tribe located in the Western Amazon region of Brazil. 

From left to right, Dr. Gayle & Nita Cheatwood, and Valerie & Gary Rodgers.

amzjmw24.JPG (127443 bytes) Since 1994, our group has provided dental care and eyeglasses for those in need in Mexico, Brazil, Viet Nam,  India and Papua New Guinea.


                                            Associate Humanitarian Groups:

                                         Dental Mission For Children



  Dr. Lan Jones, DDS

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  The Dental Mission for Children, (DMC), is an organization that is specifically designed to provide charitable and educational services to children and others in need within the developing nations around the world.  DMC is a non-profit, non-political organization and its participants are all volunteers.  For further information and an opportunity for a wonderful experience, click onto DDS-4-KIDS.

                                                        Himalayan Health Exchange

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Our Pictorial Diary

                                                             The Jaminawa of Brazil
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                                                                           Viet Nam

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                                                              The Suruwaha of Brazil

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During the summer of 1997, we provided dental and vision care to an Arawan language tribe located in the western Amazonian region of Brazil.  At the left, Dr. Cheatwood , by means of  portable equipment, was able to restore most  of  the decayed teeth rather than extracting them.  At the right, Gary Rodgers is giving this young man an eye exam  to  determine the prescription needed to fit him with a pair of eyeglasses.

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Belo, Edson, Marcia & friends



                                                 The Deni, Kaxarari and the Tenharim

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A Deni woman being given an eye exam and Kaxarari men with their new eye glasses Dr. Gayle Cheatwood providing dental care and Jeremy Cheatwood preparing dental materials. Mark Rodgers giving refractive eye exams to members of the Kaxarari using lens bars and an E chart.


Papua New Guinea

The Nahu and Tairora








India - Ladakh

Flying Doctors of America




Himalayan Health Exchange






Himalayan Health Exchange





Our first medical clinic was established in the small village of Nichar.  Nichar is located in the State of Himachal Pradesh and rest at an altitude of 6,000 feet.  Above are pictures of Olga Artechi, Anuj Sharama, of Himalayan Health Exchange, myself and Linda Vaught, giving eye exams and glasses to patients.


India-Ladakh & Himachal Pradesh

Himalayan Health Exchange

The first health clinic established this summer by Himalayan Health Exchange was in the village of Thirolknat.  Thirolknat is located at an altitude of 8,000 feet and has a central population of approximately 500 people.  The photograph on the left is of several village homes facing the river valley and the photo on the right is of the view from the village overlooking the valley.  During the three day clinic approximately 150 patients were given eye exams and prescription glasses.


Himalayan Health Exchange member David Rodgers

David is giving eye exams using  portable lens bars, posted  illiterate E chart and the hand held letter & E chart.



Village of Jispa

Himalayan Health Exchange in conjunction with the Department of Health of the State of Himachal Pradesh set up a health clinic in the village of Jispa.  During the two day clinic, approximately 150 patients were examined and given glasses.

The Changpas - Pastoral Herders

These pictures are of Ms. Crystal Mascaro, Anthropology Program Coordinator for Himalayan Health Exchange, David Rodgers and myself examining members of the Changpas for Pterygium, a thin triangular transparent  conjunctival fold that grows toward the cornea.    The Changpas are particularly susceptible to Pterygium because of their long term exposure to ultraviolet light (this particular group is located at an altitude of approximately 16,000 feet) and dust particles.  Virtually all adult Changpas exhibit various stages of Pterygium.  This disease can be arrested by protecting their eyes from U/V light and routinely washing the eyes with clean water.







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