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        AJ 106 - Principles and Procedures of the Justice System

Tues/Thurs 9:30 AM/10:50 AM                            Room 208                             Prof. Gary Rodgers


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bulletJuvenile Justice
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Syllabus for Administration of Justice 106

Course Description:

    An in-depth study of the role and responsibilities of each segment within the justice system: law enforcement, judicial, and corrections.  A past, present and future exposure to each sub-system procedure, from initial entry to final disposition, and the relationship each segment maintains with its system member.

Course Objectives:

    1.    To acquaint you with the historical development of law and the establishment of the American      Criminal Justice System.

    2.    To acquaint you with the relationships between the processes and procedures of each segment of the justice system.

    3.    To provide you with the opportunity to critically analyze the American Criminal Justice System

Required Textbook:

Stucky, Gilbert B. Procedures in the Justice System, 7th ED., New Jersey, Prentice Hall. 2004.

Unit Value:

Three (3) units

Evaluation Methodology:

Your grade in this course is based on the accumulation of percentage points generated from the following:

        1.         Quiz Average                                     33% (of total grade)

        2.         Mid-Term Examination                       33% (of total grade)

        3.         Final Examination                                33% (of total grade)

Grades will be based on the following percentages:

    90-100% - A

    80-89%   - B

    70-79%   - C

    60-69%   - D

    00-59%   - F

*Students should be advised that  make-up test will not be given for missed chapter quizzes.  In determining a student's overall quiz average, the final examination grade will be used as the percentage score for each missed quiz.  This method will be used for a maximum of two missed chapter quizzes.  For each additional missed quiz, a  zero, (percentage points), will be utilized in determining the quiz average.


The IVC General Catalog states:

   "Regular attendance in all classes is expected of all students enrolled.  Instructors are expected to take a  student's attendance record into account in computing grades.  A student may be excluded from further      attendance in a class during any semester when absences after the close of registration have exceeded the number of class hours which the class meets per week."

This policy will be taken into consideration during the semester concerning a student's continued participation in the class.

Disabled Student Programs and Services:

Any student with a documented disability who may need educational accommodations should notify the instructor or the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) office located in the Health Sciences Building, #2117, (760) 355-6312, as soon as possible.

Tentative Assignment & Test Schedule: (Subject to change)


Wk 1.    Ch.1 - Hist. Law/Crime                                  Wk 10.      Ch.9   - Motions, Hearings

Wk 2.    Ch.2 - Search and Seizure                              Wk 11.      Ch.10 - Trial: Participants, Quiz

Wk 3.    Ch.3 - The Arrest, Quiz                                  Wk 12.      Ch.11 - The Jury

Wk 4.    Ch.4 - Initial Appearance                                Wk 13.      Ch.12 - Trial Procedure

Wk 5.    Ch.5 - Pretrial Proceedings                             Wk 14.      Ch.13 - Jury Instruct, Quiz

Wk 6.    Ch.6 - Place/Time of Trial                              Wk 15.      Ch..14 - Verdict, Quiz

Wk 7.    Ch.7 - The Trial, Quiz                                     Wk 16.      Ch.15 - Sent/Correct. Prob.

Wk 8.    Ch.8 - Confront/Assist. Counsel                        Wk 17.      Ch.16 - Sentencing Philosophy

Wk 9.    Mid-Term Examination                                     Wk 18.      Final Examination  











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