Thomas E. Morrell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor



Science, Math, & Engineering Division
Imperial Valley College
380 E. Aten Road
Imperial, CA   92251

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Phone:   (760)  355-6148

Educational Background:

University of Montana, B.S. (1983)
University of Nevada, M.S. (1986)
Penn State University, Ph.D. (1993)

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Professional Background:

  • Professor,  Department of Biology,  Ball State University, 1993-2005
  • Research Program Supervisor, Arizona Game and Fish Department, 1992-1993
  • Wildlife Research Biologist, American Samoa Government, 1990-1991


            Principles of Biology (BIOL 100)
            Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIOL 200)
            Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 (BIOL 202)
HumanHuman Anatomy (BIOL 204)
            Principles of Organismal Biology (BIOL 182)
Human Physiology (BIOL 206)


Publications (Click on title for PDF file)

Morrell, T.E., E. A. Point, and J. C. Devos. 2009. Nest-site characteristics of sympatric Mt. Graham red squirrels and Abert's squirrels in the Pinaleno mountains. Pages 339-357 in The last refuge of the Mt. Graham red squirrel. H. R. Sanderson, and J. L. Koprowski (editors). The University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

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Morrell, T. E., M. J. Rabe, H. Green, J. C. deVos, Jr., and C. R. Miller. 1999.  Bats captured in two Ponderosa pine habitats in north-central Arizona.  Southwestern Naturalist 44(4): 502-507.

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Yahner, R. H., T. E. Morrell, and J. S. Rachael.  1989.  Effects of edge contrast on depredation of artificial avian nests.  Journal of Wildlife Management 53(4):  1135-1138.





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Professional Societies and Organizations

- Human Anatomy and Physiology Society
- Surfrider Foundation

Other Information

Click on thumbnails below to see enlarged images of  Morrell's IVC students, BSU Graduate Students, and other activities he has been involved in.

Small mammal data collection with Alicia Morrell BSU grad student Andy Duff stringing up a mist net at WNRA, California BSU grad student Brian Allen releasing a tagged vulture, central Indiana - the bird does in fact have a head!

Uncle Momo and Cheryl Fisher with falcons hacked by the BSU student chapter of The Wildlife Society

BSU grad student Gretchen Ruhl collecting bat roost data at the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona Pleadies - 1of 6 peregrine  falcons hacked by the BSU student chapter of The Wildlife Society near campus Placing a radio  transmitter on a
Tongan fruit bat
Students at  Lamanai ruins, Belize, Central America

BSU grad student Crystal Prussick and undergrad Bart Renner track Pallid Bats in northern California

BSU student Rachel Henderson downloading Anabat data in Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA IVC students working on their cat in anatomy class Roxanna checking Ernest for hypertension at the IVC Poster Conference Ernest at the IVC Poster Conference explaining "bone breaks." IVC students Anna, Juan, Anna, and Mireya investigating the digestive system of their cat in anatomy class Danielle explaining arthritis to a participant at the IVC Poster Conference Gabriela discussing skin cancer with someone on the phone at the IVC Poster Conference

Anna at her "Lupus" presentation during the IVC Poster Presentation 2006   Paloma con mochila verde!!