Home Of The DML Detriot Lions

NFC North
Team Name Wins Loses Ties
Chicago Bears 12 2 0
Green Bay Packers 7 7 0
Detriot Lions 5 9 0
Minnesota Vikings 4 10 0

Detriot Lions Owner

Butters is the persona I have adapted, in this years madden cycle. I was one of the 15 original owners from the madden 16 cylce, even tho I came in late in 2015. In 2015 I took over the New Orland Saints. In my 3rd season of taking over the saints, I left the team to take over the San Deigo Chargers. In madden 17 I took over my beloved New York Jets (favorite team). I had the Jets for the full duration of the 17 cycle. In madden 18 I selected the Detriot Lions, in our Live Team Draft.

Who Are We?

DML Histroy

DML was founded in 2015, durning the madden 16 cycle. The Original owner name Deon along with his fellow friend kyle wanted to create a league, in which the people in charge stuck to the rules they implemented.So they created the DML, which still is going strong to this day. As of today (12/07/2017) 15 out of the 32 are from the early day of this league.