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Elena's Diet and Exercise Plan

About Me

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Hello, My name is Elena Lopez and I am 31 years old, I am very happily married to a wonderful husband and we are parents to two beautiful boys. I got married in 2011... fast forward five years later and I am walking around weighing 175.6 pounds... almost 50 pounds heavier than when I walked down the aisle. I got pregnant a month after I got married and a combination of bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle helped me balloon up to 179.9 the night I gave birth. After a year and a half of breast feeding, I switched to a vegan diet and I went down to 146 pounds. But once I started feeling lethargic and overall weak, I began eating animal products again and I slowly went up to 160 pounds. I never really lost the weight even though I did crossfit for almost a year. My husband and I decided to have another baby in 2015 even though I was a bit overweight and I figured I'd lose some weight after the pregnancy. The second pregnancy my weight went up to 193 pounds and then decreased to 164 pounds after the baby was born. I thought I was doing great since I was exercising and breastfeeding to help burn some calories. However, when I returned to work from maternity leave, I slowly started gaining weight again until I got to the point where I decided I had to start exercising and lose weight using any tools available. To hold myself accountable and make sure I followed through, I decided to record everything in a website where I could share my story and perhaps help someone else in the process.

My Health

During a visit to the doctor in 2014 I had a routine physical and blood work done and I received some scary news. My results showed a dangerously high level of low density lipids (LDL), which is the "bad" cholesterol. I also found out that I am a carrier of the ApoE 4 genotype which makes me high risk for dementia & Alzheimer's disease. My doctor advised me to switch to a vegetarian diet and a cardio exercise plan for life since a lifestyle change is the best solution for my health. I did as the doctor suggested and when I went back for follow up appointment, my bloodwork came back perfect. My cholesterol had improved greatly, but I became deficient in vitamin B6 and Vitamin D, which caused me to be tired and a bit depressed. My diet considted of mostly vegetables, fruits and whole grains and I gained even more weight even though my bloodwork showed I was healthy. And this is where my new story begins... I went back to the doctor and I was put on a new diet and a new exercise plan that I am going to share with you! My new diet changes consist of high protein and low carbs and for exercise I chose to run.