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Lakeland Reeds Bed and Breakfast


Don't have a specific date in mind for your getaway? Explore seasonal experiences and special events you won't want to miss!

Butterfly Season

June and July

Minnesota plays host to a variety of beautiful butterflies in high summer. As a result of our participation a region-wide effort to increase butterfly habitat by planting more native bushes and shrubs, more butterflies visit Lakeland Reeds' gardens each year. You can count on our butterfly-friendly bushes being covered with visitors during late June and early July.

Did you know that a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? These monarchs were seen gathering in Texas on their migration to Mexico. (Crystal Stewart/Journey North) #monarchbutterfly #nature #wildlife #migration

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Accordion Rendezvous

last weekend in September

line drawing of an accordion

Lovers of the squeezebox gather every year in the Twin Lakes area to share songs and play music together. Come to play or just to listen. Performers include a number of local regulars including our own Phillip Blaine.